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Project rescue

Project rescue
Many at-risk projects can be rescued with the right combination of experience and diligence. Panoptic brings every tool we know, and a razor-sharp focus on what a client is trying to accomplish, to every project rescue opportunity.

When clients need it
  • A project is “off-track” – drifting over budget, late on milestones, or missing functionality
  • Deadlines, budget, or requirements change mid-stream and the project delivery team needs help adjusting
Project rescue engagement overview
  • Initial consultation
    A Panoptic Practice Director meets with and interviews project management and concerned stakeholders.
  • Assessment
    Based on interviews and an overview of existing project documentation, the Panoptic team identifies the problem areas and bottlenecks and provides a discussion document for the project team and stakeholders
  • Action plan and success metrics
    Panoptic develops an action plan for addressing problems and getting the project back on track.