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Insurance Company

Insurance Company


Five separate but related companies wanted to share the costs of establishing a common platform that would allow them to participate in the launch of the Healthcare Marketplace.


Create a shared technology platform that would allow five separate insurance companies to participate in the the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Business Issues

Requirements for participating in the exchange were ill-defined by the ACA and it was difficult to build consensus among the members on how to implement functionality.

Serivices Provided

  • Process driven decision making
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Clear and measurable reporting on projects

Action Plan

  • Established rules of engagement for the combined team of five equals
  • Facilitated the definition and collection of product requirements from all participants
  • Maintained rules of engagement through development process


  • Established high credibility of implementation team with stakeholders
  • Over the course of two years, established implementation team as the best in the division