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Large Bank

Large Bank


A large bank wanted to improve its ability to implement technology projects


Set a new corporate standard for executing strategy

Business Issues

Project teams could not seem to create software the market wanted, even when given features and requirements. Implementation suffered because there was no clear understanding of how a project was going, and the credibility of the teams implementing projects suffered.

Serivices Provided

  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Clear and measurable reporting on projects
  • Project rescue

Action Plan

  • Worked with stakeholders to assess the current state of implementation
  • Worked with implementation team to understand what had happened and why
  • Established a roadmap that aligned the strategic goals with the implementation team
  • Translated roadmap into project performance metrics that could be measured
  • Using performance metrics, had open and honest discussions with implementation team


  • Established high credibility of implementation team with stakeholders
  • Over the course of two years, established implementation team as the best in the division